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50 Ideas For Front Lawn Landscaping

The front lawn or yard is the first thing people notice when visiting your property. It's like the welcoming committee to the real party, which is your house. With that in mind, it would be ideal to landscape the front lawn and make it look appealing to the visitors' eyes or any passerby. Having a well-designed landscape doesn't only add more curb beauty to your house, but it also increases its home value. It's hitting two birds with one stone. And if you're searching for ways to elevate the aesthetics of your front lawn, there are many ways to do it. For starters, here are 50 creative and fun ideas for front lawn landscaping.

1. Potted flowery plants on the side

There are infinite ways to landscape your front lawn, and one simple way to do that is to add potted flowers on the sides. Choose colors that complement your house’s features. This idea is especially helpful for side yards that are often bare and neglected.

2. Seats to the rescue

Seats are not just for sitting, but they also make open spaces look more inviting. You can a set of two or three chairs and place a center table. This spot can be your relaxing area where you and your friends can enjoy an afternoon chat and coffee.

3. Stone-filled pavements and pathways

Improve the look of your pavers and pathways by filling the empty sides with round stones. Make sure that they are of the same color. There is beauty in uniformity.

4. Mini Water Feature Upgrade

The front lawn upgrade doesn’t always have to be big and loud. A small water feature installed in the front lawn is already a fancy upgrade. And with little touches of style and creativity, your yard’s aesthetics has leveled up.

5. Classic water fountain at the center

If you want to go big, a classic water fountain is a perfect design for your front lawn. But of course, plants some flowers at the base of the fountain for a more sophisticated look.

6. Whimsical centerpieces

Think outside the box and have fun landscaping your front lawn. You can go for miniature centerpieces like flamingo or dwarf figures. You can also have a large bowl planter that you can turn into a mini garden.

7. Creative succulent arrangements

If you want to delve away from typical plants, succulents are excellent choices. You can put them on the side and arrange them on big rocks. Succulents come in a variety of colors and sizes, so use your imagination for that jaw-dropping arrangement.

8. Lighted plants or pathways

You can add lights to the plants or install them along the pathways. Lights provide that classic and romantic vibes, especially at night.

9. Flowery wheelbarrow

Before disposing of the wheelbarrow, take advantage of using it as a flower planter. It may look old and broken, but it still has beautiful features to enhance your lawn’s appeal.

10. Hanging flowery plants

Petunias are the usual choice to use as hanging plants. But you can also have other plants in hanging baskets like verbena, lobelia, and pansies, to name a few.

11. Horizontal fencing installation

This landscaping idea can take a lot of work. However, horizontal fencing can add a touch of sophistication to your property. Horizontal lines also look cleaner. You can either use wood, aluminum, or vinyl for this installation.

12. Grasses in pavement gaps

If you notice that there are gaps in between pavements, that’s a good place to start your landscaping adventures. Plant some ornamental grasses in those gaps to give your yard a sharper appearance.

13. Flowers lining on the sides of staircase paths

Improve the look of your outdoor staircase by lining flower beds or pots on the sides. You can also add lights on the plants for that added elegance.

14. Large potted plants

This landscaping idea is evident in many modern front lawns. But it’s a standout in large properties. The larger the potted plants are, the better. Go for round, conical, or tubular pot shapes.

15. Old and used bicycles as planters

Like old, broken wheelbarrows, you can also use old and used bicycles as planters. Place them near a tree, so that they have enough support to stand. And then put the plants on the seat or front and rear baskets.

16. Floral borders

Exclusive to flowers. But don’t just plant whatever flowers you like. Select flowery plants that accentuate the features of your front lawn and house.

17. Gravel planted beds

Gravel is a typical material for building houses and other properties. But it’s also nice to use them for landscaping. Cover the planted beds with stone gravel, then add the plants for that elevated beauty. If possible, choose white stone gravel for a clean look.

18. Symmetrical plant frames

Basically, place identical plants at the sides of your door or at the entrance. Make sure that they are similar in size and height to ensure that framing is achieved.

19. DIY wall garden

If you want to use your creative juices, create your own wall garden. You have the liberty to choose the plants you want to place on your DIY project.

20. Rustic, hollowed logs as fancy pots

Whenever you see hollowed logs, don’t throw or burn them just yet. Poke a big hole, put in some soil, then grow some plants. Flower plants enhance the rustic vibes of the hollowed logs. You can also use them as vegetable pots if you like.

21. Mailbox flower bed installation

Do you have an unattended mailbox? Well, it’s time to upgrade it. If it’s broken, fix it first, and then add flower plants at the base of the mailbox. It’s definitely going to be an eye-catching element on your property.

22. Layered block flower beds

Take your front lawn to the next level by building layered block flower beds. You can use blocks for this landscaping idea, an every layer is taller shorter than the other. The goal is that the flower beds don’t have the same height.

23. Climbing vines on gates and fences

Grow vine plants on the sides of the gates or let them grow along the fences. Make sure that you trim them when they have grown too much.

24. Clumps of colorful flowers

Colorful flowers are still a trend in landscaping. But if you’re using them, keep them in a controlled setting and have them in clumps for that clean arrangement.

25. Plants on tree stumps

A tree stump may be dead, but it can be of good use as planters. You can plant petunias on the stump to give life to a dying tree.

26. A swing on the front yard

Nothing beats a good swing to enhance the look of your front lawn. Aside from the aesthetics it brings, you have found yourself a nice spot to relax and enjoy a well-deserved me-time.

27. Green and white scheme

A combination of green and white exudes an ethereal vibe. It also feels calming to see natural colors in one space. To help you achieve this landscaping idea, you can have white hydrangeas or white roses with green lushes in the background.

28. Roses of different hues

If there is one flower that can give your front lawn a wow factor, it will be roses. They are elegant flowers, and their beautiful colors will certainly elevate your property even more.

29. Flowers growing as trees

Tired of potted flowers? Plant your favorite flowering trees instead. You have the cherry blossoms that vibrant pink colors. You can also have Star Magnolias, Purple-leaf Sand Cherry, or a tulip tree.

30. Seat-on-a-fence installation

Although this can be a time-consuming project, it’s a modern take on the typical iron seats. It’s discreet and relaxing. You can also integrate it with a mini garden on both sides to have a more natural look.

31. Stone and wood combination

This is a basic landscaping idea, but it always works like a charm. Create a pathway that consists of wood planks laid over large rough stones. That speaks of character and elegance.

32. Desert oasis with cacti

For those living in warm areas, a suitable landscaping idea is creating a desert oasis cacti. You don’t need to fill your front lawn with sand. Dedicate a patch of lawn and define it stones and gravel, and then add the sand and cacti on top of them.

33. Used barrels repurposed as planters

If you have unused barrels stowed in your basement, take them out and turn them into planters. You may need to fill them up with a lot soil to ensure that the plants remain visible on top.

34. A touch of a wagon wheel

Use an old wagon wheel for a unique flower planter. It has several nooks where you can hang different kinds of plants.

35. Alliums and lavenders

Purple is beautiful and luxurious color. Landscape your front lawn by planting alliums and lavenders. You don’t only have a vibrant color but also a natural floral scent flowing around your property.

36. Xeriscape enhancement

This landscaping idea depends on your imagination, so make the arrangements however you want it. And for the extra aesthetics touch, a large jar may help increase the overall look of your xeriscape.

37. Green, red, and black combination

You can have red roses planted in black pots. If you’re adventurous, you can grow red and green plants against a black wall. Be creative. Don’t limit yourself to plants.

38. A little gardening around the corner

It can be overwhelming to landscape an entire front yard. But to help you focus, you can dedicate a little area for your gardening activities. Doing this can help minimize clutter while creating a fresh, colorful corner.

39. Hedging and accenting with horsetails

A perfect plant for hedging is the horsetails. With their vibrant green color, vertical stalks with black spots, they provide striking details to your lawn.

40. Metallic plant pots

Go for gold, copper, silver, metallic gray, or chrome planters. They are shiny and luxurious, making your front lawn look richer than before.

41. Flowers on hanging wooden crates

Wooden crates are excellent pot alternatives. They have enough spaces to accommodate two or three different flowers at the same time. Hang them on your house walls or arrange them like a hanging miniature garden.

42. Rustic and wooden bench accents

Place them on the sides of the pathway. Rustic wooden benches provide lovely charm like a scene from a romantic movie.

43. Fire and water features

A touch of yin and yang is a nice touch to your front yard. You can install a water fountain on one side and a fire pit on the other.

44. Mini pond with aquascaping

Ponds are classic but still work like a charm in adding beauty to your lawn. Add some koi and other water fixtures for that extra charm. And don’t forget to install filters to keep the water clean.

45. Stylish rock designs

Even rocks provide a stylish look to your front lawn. You can install a one-piece big rock or form your version of Stonehenge. Imagination and creativity are your limits.

46. No-flower landscape

This is evident in many modern front yards. The landscape consists of plants that don’t bear flowers, making the lawn look exquisite.

47. Flower arrangements on iron planters

You don’t need to buy iron bowls and whatnot. Those rusted iron containers are enough to become vases for seasonal flower arrangements. Fill them up with any plants of your choice, then arrange them in the yard.

48. Sophisticated lighting fixtures

Do away with series lights, colored fairy lights, or pole lights. Go for modern garden lights that are innovative and sophisticated. You have orb lights and lights installed in pots, to name a few.

49. Minimalist beauty

Maybe one large potted plant at the center of the lawn or a well-maintained tree on one side will do the trick. There is no need to overdo anything.

50. Well-trimmed grass front lawn

If you are the traditional type, and you just want to keep your front lawn plain and simple, go for ornamental grasses. They are good for landscaping, and they make your property look neat and clean.

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