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50 Patio Designs to Get You Thinking About Summer

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

With summer around the corner, it’s time to start spending more time outdoors. This is the time to spend time in our backyards and patios, basking in the warm sunshine, barbecuing, and spending long, happy hours with friends and family. But after those long winter months, your patio may be in need of some sprucing up. Here are 50 patio designs that will get you thinking about summer!

1. Using the Unchangeable

When considering a patio design, factor in the things that you cannot change, such as trees, shrubs, etc.

2. Warming A Cool Summer Night

Even summer nights can sometimes be chilly, so you can create an open fireplace in your patio to warm those nights.

3. Multiple Patios?

If you have the space, then why stop at a single patio? You can create a beautiful network of patios – spaces that connect to each other via stepping-stones or pathways.

4. Complementing Patio Furniture

A patio design is not complete without complementing furniture. So, don’t forget to add the matching furniture for that wow factor.

5. A Sun Patio to Complement a Multi-Level Garden

If your backyard has a slope, then that is perfect for creating a multi-level garden with a sun patio.

6. Fabric and Flora

If you want to take your patio from pretty to stunning, try creating an enclosed space. Create a roof made from vines and other plants over a frame. One the sides, soft, translucent voiles are hung like curtains, giving your patio an ethereal look.

7. Sun and Shade

Instead of a fully-covered pergola, you can incorporate a partly-covered one in your patio design. This way, you will have some sun and some shade!

8. Build-In Seating

Create built-in seating using concrete. These seats can be covered by colorful cushions, and you can change the theme of your patio any time you want!

9. A Dramatic Setting

Natural cane seating, with geometric tile, and pristine white cushions with brightly colored throw-pillows set in a covered patio can be a stunning part of your landscape.

10. Multi-Level Patio with a Waterfall

Use the slope in your backyard to an advantage, by creating a multi-level poured-concrete patio along which you have a small backyard waterfall and stream.

11. A Patio by the Poolside

You can even build a patio right next to your pool and cover it with a pergola. This way, you can relax straight after a swim. You can even add a dining area to the mix.

12. Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

Another great patio design idea is having an outdoor kitchen covered by a pergola overhead.

13. Enclosed Patio

There are those rainy days that can leave you feeling cooped up inside your home. But here’s a solution – create an enclosed patio with a sun-roof and screen walls.

14. Stone Patio by a Pond

To really get close to nature, you can create a natural stone patio and build a small backyard pond right next to it.

15. Firepit Focal Point

You can also create a patio where a circular firepit can be the focal point, with chairs for seating all around it.

16. Stone Garden Patio

You can create a stunning stone garden patio by raising a stone patio to deck height and surround it with flowers.

17. Mixing Stones

To create a cost-effective yet unique patio, you can look at mixing materials in your patio design. You can use flagstone pieces mixed with pea gravel. The two contrasting textures will look great with wood and stone benches framing the patio.

18. A Bridge Patio

If you have a part of your backyard that tends to become unusable due to runoff from rainwater, then why not convert it into a bridge patio? Take it a step further and covert that run-off area into a pond!

19. Pizza Anyone?

Flagstone is a great material to use in your patio design. While creating your stone patio, you can extend the use of the stone to create a wood-fired pizza oven.

20. Brick and Grass Courtyard

If you’re looking to save some money yet have an interestingly unique patio, how about a grass and brick courtyard patio? You can use the bricks to outline your patio and then use the grass in the center.

21. Outdoor Bathtub

You can also create a wonderful patio with an outdoor patio design. Complement the bathtub with a fabulous tile pattern and have the walls reflect the color of those tiles for a serenely beautiful ambiance.

22. A Bold Statement of Color

Choose one bold color, combine it with natural rattan furniture and tons of foliage and you could have a stunning patio ready for summer.

23. Limestone for Your Patio

A wonderful stone to use to build your patio is limestone. It’s available in many shapes and colors. You can complement the floor of the patio by using the same stone on your outer walls and borders.

24. Old World Patio

You can give your patio an old-world feel by building it using cobblestone brick. Add comfortable weather-proof armchairs for a really classic look.

25. Round Stone Paver Patio

If you are planning to build a round patio, then stone pavers are the perfect choice for you. Their shape and size make them perfect for a circular space.

26. Stamped Concrete Patio

If you are looking at a creative by budget-friendly option, how about using stamped concrete. You can use this material to mimic the more expensive flagstone, brick or even wood options!

27. The European Feel

You can use terracotta tiles to give your patio a European touch. Team it up with vintage European-style garden chairs and tables to complete the look.

28. Minimalist Patio

You can also keep your patio minimalist and let your beautifully manicured lawn and garden get the limelight.

29. Patios with Built-In Planters

You can create simple concrete patios with built in planters and use plants to give the space that extra color.

30. The Tree is the Centerpiece

Build your patio around the tree in your garden. You get the shade, and you get a beautiful centerpiece to boot.

31. Checkered Flooring

A simple way to spruce up your patio is by using checkered stone tiles. Match them up with natural cane furniture.

32. A Unique Fence

Sometimes, all you need to make your patio a more inviting space is to create a unique fence around it. Make a basic wooden fence and decorate it with interesting and colorful potted plants and voila! A whole new look!

33. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can give your patio a clean look – and you can choose the color you like best!

34. Retaining Walls with Planters

You can define your patio space by creating a retaining wall in the same material that also doubles up as a planter for your foliage.

35. An Outdoor Living Room

A patio can be converted into an outdoor living room using weather-resistant sofas, matching side chairs and a coffee table, teamed up with an area rug!

36. Patio Adjoining Your House

Create an outdoor area right outside your kitchen or living room so that it becomes and extension of your home but also allows you to be outdoors!

37. Using Accessories

You can really change the way your patio looks just by adding accessories such as colorful throw pillows, rugs, and cushions to the mix!

38. Stone Path to the Patio

Your patio can be built at a distance from your house, and you can create a lovely flower-lined stone path leading up to this secluded space.

39. Outdoor Bar

You can create an outdoor covered bar in one corner of your patio. It’s great for parties and get togethers!

40. Barbeque Anyone?

Create an outdoor barbeque area in your stone patio and invite all your friends and family over for a good time!

41. Umbrellas for the Patio

If you don’t have any shade in your yard, you can use sun umbrellas so that you can still enjoy your patio.

42. Concrete and Block Paving Mix

Once again, get creative by building a part of your patio with concrete and the other side with block paving. The contrast is amazing.

43. Border Lighting

Create outdoor border lighting around your patio to give it that special something even at night.

44. Let the Plants Do the Talking

If you have a green thumb then you can keep your patio simple and let your gorgeous plants do the talking!

45. Concrete and Wood

Use concrete for the floor of your patio and its walls and then insert wood into the walls to create benches!

46. Lanterns for Light!

If your patio is surrounded by trees and bushes, then consider adding lanterns to give this area a fairy-tale look at nights!

47. Patio with a Pool

Extend your patio to create a narrow pool for a bit of luxury.

48. Triple Pond and Bar!

Create a square patio surrounded by ponds on 3 sides and a bar on the fourth!

49. Vertical Planting

Carefully placed vertical plants can be the wow factor in your patio design!

50. A Patio with a View

Locate your patio in a place that gets the best view.

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