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America's Obsession With Landscaping

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

American have been obsessed with beautifying their yards for hundreds of years. However, over the last couple of decades, thanks in large to several TV shows dedicated to providing homeowners with stunning backyard spaces. T.V sows like Back Yard Builds, Pool Kings, Desperate Landscapes and more. Even on a limited budget you can now create stunning backyard designs.

Landscaping has become a family activity that everyone can get onboard with. All across the our great country Mothers, fathers, kids and even grandparents are getting together to create a stunning backyard sanctuary where the family can all safely meet.

Relaxing as landscaping maybe for some it also offers a great way for us to get outside and enjoy the weather when we can which provides us with Vitamin D, which is very beneficial to your health. Landscaping is also a great way to get a dose of your daily exercise requirement.

It is just mind blowing to see what a difference a little landscaping can do to add curb appeal to a home or neighborhood. In fact, many communities across America are improving their aesthetic appeal with professional landscaping in their commercial districts to attract new tourists. Landscaping's appeal has so many facets. For those who are looking to sell their homes, a great way to increase the value of your home is to invest in your landscaping.

If you are going to try to create your backyard yourself then before you start tearing apart your back yard it is best to sit down and create a plan. Understand the dimensions you must work with when creating a plan. One way you can create your backyard space is to use a backyard design tool like SKETCHUP and even then if you are doing any hardscaping we strongly you suggest you hire a landscape designer to ensure a long lasting backyard.

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