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How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Outdoor kitchens are a trend nowadays for many householders. These kitchens are an essential extension of your house and transform the way you live (and prepare food) in an uplifting new way.

That's only one of the reasons why the tiki-style outdoor kitchen has become so trendy. It offers a brand-new space to cook and spend time with your family and friends. You can build a tiki-style outdoor kitchen with only a grill, small dinner table, a couple of chairs, or a complex one with the latest appliances.

Opting for a simple outdoor kitchen can save you money and be also built by you. If you go towards a more complex outdoor kitchen, you will need professionals, also known as outdoor kitchen builders or outdoor kitchen designers. Having so many options to choose from when designing an outdoor kitchen can sometimes be time-consuming and may require licenses from the city. The most critical steps you need to consider when building a tiki-style outdoor kitchen are:

1. Hire a Professional

A professional outdoor kitchen builder will help you build your outdoor kitchen faster and deal with everything from basic cabinetry to setting up appliances and installing water pipes and wall sockets. It is vital to hire a professional that can help you establish an underground gas line to avoid carrying around propane cylinders. Make sure you install the utility lines before putting the cabinets in place.

2. Find Out if You Need Any Permits

Some cities demand building permits to install a gas line, plumbing, and constructions exceeding a particular sum. If you decide to hire a licensed builder, he will know if you need any permits. Call the local building or code enforcement bureau if you choose to do this yourself.

3. Build it Near Your House

Build your outdoor kitchen near your house, then in the center of your yard. Building next to an outside wall will offer extra safety. An exterior wall will lend protection from the elements. Kitchen utilities will cost less to set them up if you build the space near your house.

4. Decide on a Configuration That's Good for Your Area and Budget

It depends on the area available to build a U or L-shaped configuration. The easiest and low-cost setup is a direct line that would be placed on the exterior wall of your house or lengthen out like a peninsula. It would have a grill surrounded by bases with cabinets and kitchen countertops. You can choose spots for a sink and a small refrigerator, but the place will get tight.

An L-shaped configuration is more complex and expensive. You can place the grill surrounded by the cabinets against your house. More base cabinets that can fit your mini-fridge and sink can extend it, forming an L-shape configuration.

If your space is more extensive, you can extend your cabinets and form a U-shaped kitchen. Remember that a more extensive setup will necessitate more building materials, and if you hire an outdoor kitchen builder, the costs will increase.

5. Decide on a Pattern and Basic Shape for your Tiki Style Outdoor Kitchen

Begin by making the frame. Make sure you decide where you wish to place it because it becomes heavy and hard to move once you build the structure. Make sure you take the correct measurements for the sink and fridge in advance. It is essential to do this so that the final product looks perfect and doesn't need any adjustments. Make sure to use roof posts for support. If you want the tiki style, you should choose something more natural-looking. We recommend using lodgepole posts made of pine or cedar with old bark.

If you opt for a straight Tiki Style roof, things are more straightforward than a hip or framed roof. Decide if you're in for the flat look or prefer the home-style type. Use treated plywood to finish the top and seam sealing tape for the joints.

Set up thatching over the external edge. Create the overhang you like, use 12" for it, flip the rest over the roof, and fix it with a T50 9/16 inch staple. Then build the next row overlying 6 to 8, like placing on roof shingles. Don't forget about other Tiki Style finishing materials to make your outdoor kitchen look authentic. A popular choice for many is the bamboo walls placed around for a tropical style.

6. Select the Appliances Before Building the Cabinets

A smart thing to do is purchase the appliances before installing the cabinets. If you already have a grill or a fridge, try building the cabinets to fit their size and dimension. Additionally, the size of the cabinets will help you figure out the extent of the appliances you need to purchase. For example, leave a gap of 2 cabinets to fit a mini-fridge. If you know these dimensions from the start, it will be very easy to start building your cabinets around them. Don't forget to check if the appliances are rated for external use.

7. Purchase Prefabricated Cabinets

Search for the dimensions you need and purchase prefabricated cabinets and bases online. If they are already built, you'll pay less than having custom-ones made. Installing prefabricated cabinets and floors takes less than having them made or produced by yourself. Many manufacturers include design modules on their websites to help you match the base with your footprint space.

Once you have them, you can install them and attach the bases utilizing adhesive and metal fasteners. You have many options you can choose from when it comes to purchasing bases. They can have an opening for gas, water pipes, or electrical powering. After installing the cabinets, and the appliances, your outdoor kitchen is ready to be used.

Design Your Tiki Style Outdoor Kitchen Today

Are you excited about designing your Tiki Style outdoor kitchen? Call our outdoor kitchen designers and get things started! The team here at Champlain Valley Site Works and Build is committed to excellence. It focuses on delivering quality landscaping services promptly, bringing clients' dreams to life. If you wish to build a simple outdoor kitchen with a grill or a more extravagant one that uses your patio and has every appliance you love inside, we will turn it into reality. For more information and a free quote, please call 1-802-453-4762.

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