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How to Fertilize Your Lawn

Having a well-maintained lawn is essential for many homeowners. Appropriate care and fertilization are some of the most crucial elements for keeping your grass healthy. A lush, healthy lawn is necessary for the growth and upkeep of a beautiful landscape. Many homeowners will not be bothered by the significant effect of having an excellent fertilizer on their grass; however, this could result in a complicated problem afterward.

Today, let’s look at how simple you can keep your beautiful lawn by proper fertilization.

First, make sure to water your lawn. Give your yard a thorough watering a few days before you want to feed it. This way, it will benefit you in ensuring that your soil is prepared to take lawn fertilizer. Then, choose the most appropriate spreader for your lawn. There are two types of spreaders; Broadcast spreaders and Drop spreaders. Remember, each fertilizer product has a specific spreader setting and must use to ensure proper coverage.

Then, around the perimeter of the garden, apply grass fertilizer. The advantage of fertilizing the border first is that you won’t miss any edges when fertilizing the lawn’s center. Then, walking back and forth in straight lines, slightly overlapping with each pass, will nourish your yard. While applying the fertilizer, keep your walking speed consistent and steady. If not done correctly, it may result in unequal distribution.

Tips: A broadcast spreader is preferable over a drop spreader for homes because of its excellent coverage. Also, it is less difficult to handle, and because they scatter fertilizer over a greater area, it also avoids stripping your yard. Furthermore, it is pretty affordable, and it may only cost you around $30.

Lastly, work on fertilizing the center, ensure to apply in a straight line, and spread it again. Correctly using this method provides better coverage and prevents fertilizer overapplication. As soon as you finish, take any fertilizer in the spreader and put it back in its bag. You should close the bag and store it in a cool, dry place that isn’t near any kids or pets. Keep it out of the way, please.

Tips: Never use any fertilizer in or near wetland areas, such as lakes or ponds, because this could cause damage to the environment and wildlife. Increasing the number of nutrients in certain areas may cause an overgrowth of weeds and algae to bloom.

Last Say

It’s good to check the weather forecast before fertilizing your lawn. It will be a waste if it is a rainy day with storms, as the fertilizer will wash away. In addition, hiring a professional to fertilize your grass is preferable since this will bring substantial benefits. Professionals have extensive experience, as well as the necessary skills and equipment. You may call your local professional landscaper for free estimates. Keep your grass healthy and stunningly beautiful.

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