Golden Gate Park

Landscaping Services

Landscaping can be daunting, especially if you do it on your own. The reason is there are many factors you need to consider when designing the interior or exterior part of your home. 


If you want to install patios, walkways, ponds, trees, or flowers – hiring a professional will help you with your landscape project. The company you can trust in Chittenden County is Champlain Valley Site Work & Building. 


For this reason, you need to know the different types of services we offer to know which landscaping project fits your desires and needs. The landscaping services we provide include:





Building a retaining wall requires careful planning and expertise. These factors include examining the soil, location, and drainage and choosing a design. 

When you work with a top notch Landscaping company like Champlain Valley Site Work, we can plan everything out and design the best for your property. In this way, you prevent your retaining wall from collapsing or failing. 



Lawn installation is more than just the name itself. It includes choosing the right soil and materials to create a beautiful lawn. 


When you work with us, we will evaluate your soil conditions, sunlight availability, and many others to choose the best way to install your lawn.



Patio and walkways are a great way to greet your guests, family, and friends. Whether you are looking for an asphalt walkway or a modern-looking patio, The best Landscaping Company is Champlain Valley Site Work can help you decide and install the perfect structure for your home. 


We’ll make your patio and walkway aesthetically pleasing and safe from changing weather conditions such as floods and storms


If you want to create a healthy garden, choosing the best topsoil and mulch is crucial. 


We will ensure to select the best quality of topsoil and bark mulch for your garden. This is to create a suitable environment for different microorganisms, insects, worms, and minerals to achieve the result. 


With our team of florists, we will combine the best flowers that will suit the look of your home. Whether the flower installation is for a table, patio, or by the door is crucial to create a beautiful look for your home. 


Whatever landscaping services you need – from patio and walkways, drainage, to installing ponds, rest assured you can expect the best from Champlain Valley Site Work. We provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations. 


Planting trees and hedges require professionals to create healthy green foliage. Fortunately, we know the best combination of trees and hedges to protect your home from windbreaks. 


We choose the best combination of trees to prevent pests and disease and encourage natural habitat for the birds and animals. Because of our expertise in tree and hedge planting, It’s possible to increase your landscape’s biodiversity.  


Drainage is crucial to keep the excess water such as floodwater and rainwater in your property regulated. 

By installing the best drainage system for your property, the wastewater will be removed effectively. Thus, you won’t have to suffer from mildew, mold, and structural damage in your property due to the build-up of water.




Ponds are a great addition to your property. 


Whatever type of pond you want – natural, semi-natural or formal, we will install it for you. After all, installing a pond is heavy work and needs the expertise to create a clean and healthy one for your garden. In this way, the water will be contained and filtered.