Setting your landscape and gardens with carefully chosen varieties of plants is not enough. What is more important is ensuring that they thrive and bloom. The choice of soil used in gardening would ensure success and the best soil cannot just be found anywhere. Champlain Valley Site Work and Building is on top at topsoil and bark mulch laying as one of its services because they have the expertise, the manpower and the tools.

The supply of rich and natural organic layers of topsoil is hard to find these days due to land clearing, farming and erosion. It will take much effort to find a good quality of topsoil.

Topsoil is needed in landscaping and gardening because it contains all the nutrients that plants need to survive. However, unwanted weeds tend to grow fast in topsoil. That is why, bark mulch should be applied on top of the soil surface to discourage weeds. While serving this purpose, mulch also provides shade to the soil which keeps moisture in the soil.

Aside from keeping the soil cool, mulch also prevents frost heaving in winter. When mulch decomposes over time, it adds to the richness of the soil, helps the soil hold nutrients and provides the proper drainage. It also adds aesthetic value to your landscape by making the garden bed look attractive.

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Topsoil and bark mulch laying takes more effort. To ensure success in this task, don’t hesitate to contact Champlain Valley Site Work and Building at 1-802-453-4762 or you may email them at for information and free estimate.

We are also experts in other services. Landscaping, flower installation, and tree and hedge planting are some. They can deliver the best services at the least expenses. While you can do these projects by yourself, it’s not guaranteed that it’s done right. So, trust the experts.

Champlain Valley Site Work and Building can also help you with your patio and walkways, retaining walls, decorative ponds and lawn installation. They also do drainage system installation.