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Outdoor Drainage Systems

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In any season, the presence of standing water brought by rain and melting snow is always a threat. Keeping water away from the foundation of the house is imperative because once it soaks the foundation, it will start the slow deterioration, and in the long run, affects the whole property that sits on it.  Lack of a proper drainage system will lead to flooding or worse, the collapse of the buildings.

On the other hand, a good drainage system allows the free flow of water. This prevents the accumulation of stagnant water which is a perfect breeding site for mosquitoes. This also prevents soil erosion since excess water washes away the garden’s topsoil. When soil is eroded, all the effort you poured in landscaping will all go to waste, and you will have to suffer stepping on a muddy ground surface.

If problems on drainage remain unsolved, stagnant water will attract vermin and insects which may spread bacteria and cause diseases. In addition, excess moisture would make wood-based materials a mat for termites. And the worst thing that could happen is when water floods your basement after the freeze-thaw. This standing water affects the air quality of your home, and at the same time, may lead to the development of molds and green algae.

Even with little rainfall, your goal as a homeowner is to prevent water from draining towards your foundation and puddling in your landscape. It is then a must to protect your investment. 

Champlain Valley Site Work and Building are experts in drainage systems. As well as Landscaping, Flower Garden Design, and Tree and Hedge Planting and more. We will deliver the best services at the best price possible. Doing all these projects by yourself is not only ineffective but also costly in the long run because it will become a game of trial and error. So, trust the experts.

The first time you start gardening in your home, it is important to understand what keeps plants thriving and growing. This is the reason why Champlain Valley Site Work and Building provides topsoil and bark mulch as one of its services.

Aside from that, setting your overall home property with the perfect elegance and class requires careful planning. Champlain Valley Site Work and Building can also help you with your patio and walkways, retaining walls, decorative ponds and lawn installation.

To ensure success in your drainage system and other services mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact Champlain Valley Site Work and Building at 1-802-453-4762 or you may email us at for information and free estimate.

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